An atypical cultural place of life, the Villa Rohannec’h is a place of residences, research and creations, artistic, heritage, cultural. Founded on the principles of experimentation, cooperation and hospitality, the animation of the site implements a permanent “creation workshop”.

This weekend Filmmaker and associate artist at the Villa Paul Wenninger has curated a selection of short films to screen at Villa Rohannec’h. We are pleased to announce Angry Dogs has been selected to screen amongst a host of wonderful films.

The Spine - Chris Landreth
Angry Dogs - Shaun Clark
Movements - Jeong Dahee
Reruns - Rosto
Inside - Yann Chapotel
Peripheria - David Coquard-Dassault
O - Paul Wenninger
GRID - Alexandre Alagôa
Train again - Peter Tescherkassky

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