In the beginning interview and trailer with Zippy Frames

Flicker Mill Director Shaun Clark spoke to Head editor Vassilis Kroustallis at Zippy Frames about his new short film ‘In the beginning’. You can the film review read below and catch the full interview here

Film Review (Vassilis Kroustallis):

Shaun Clark’s travelogue through time and the wheel of our (very short) lives unveils like a library catalogue of events, now ready for the first time to view and review before our own eyes. Leaning in the middle ground between darkness and full disclosure, In the Beginning is both informative and dramatic; live-action and the main character, helped by her words uttered in a rhythmic pattern (time is cyclical in this universe) contribute to the narrated drama; whereas, at the same time, another drama is played above the ground -silent but eloquent. Movements and choreography bring their own intensity to the unknown, whereas the silhouettes and the spare use of colors make every statement sound deeper. With a music used to underline even more emotional instances than the explicit uttering of the words, and an acting that brings insecurity and charm to the character, ‘In the Beginning’ looks like a fitting piece to recreate its own history. Respectful to the tradition, yet imaginative and reading behind the lines, it is an accomplished visual and narrative piece -and its own calculated tapestry of history as well.

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