The Beholder

Duration: 1 min 30 sec
Techniques: Pixilation Animation
Synopsis: A mans unhealthy obsession with an eye leads to terrible actions
Best Horror film, White Deer International Film Festival
Gold Award for Shortest Short, UK Seasonal Short Film Festival, London, UK
Honourable mention award, Prague International Monthly Film Festival
Best Pacing Award, Thundr Short Film Showcase, UK
Winner Best Sound, Independent Horror Awards, USA
Festival Screenings:
Fright Fest, London, UK
Les Sommets du cinéma d’animation, Montreal, Canada
Prague International Monthly Film Festival, Prague, Czech Republic
Thundr Short Film Showcase, UK
Delirium, Dreams and Nightmares, Portsmouth, UK
Picture Show Panic, Titusville, USA
SHORT to the Point, Bucharest, Hungary
Blacksphere festival, Czech Republic
Nightstream, Popcorn Frights Film Festival, USA
Nosferatu Film Festival, South Yorkshire, UK
White Deer IFF, Midlands, UK
Independent Horror Awards, USA
Horror on sea, Southend, UK
Kill Valentine, Paris, France
Frostbiter : Icelandic Horror Film Festival, Akranes, Iceland
Lit Scares International Horror Festival, Harrogate, UK
FIXION Fest, Fantastic & Horror Film Festival, Santiago, Chile
The Animattikon Project, Paphos, Cyprus
UK Seasonal Short Film Festival, London, UK
Dead All Day Horror Film Festival, Widnes, UK
Film and Folklore Festival, Chaguanas, Trinidad & Tobago
Horror Lust Film Festival
Red MovieAwards, Paris, France
Screen Power Film Festival, London, UK
Hallucinea Film Festival, Paris, France


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