Client: Arts Council England, BEEE Creative
7 min sec
Techniques: Pixilation & Stop Motion
Synopsis: A story of disillusioned body parts which separate, believing they are better off alone. But as they scatter, they soon realise they are better off together.

Festival Screening
2021, October Emerging Artists Film Festival Calgary, Alberta, Canada
2021, Darkroom Film Festival, London, UK
2020, 15 March Kosice International Monthly Film Festival, Kosice, Slovakia
2019, 13 July Underwire Film Festival, London, UK
2019, 1 May Semi Finalist London International Motion Picture Awards, London, UK
2019, 19 April Watford Short Film Festival, Watford, UK
2019, 12 April Kino, London, UK
2019, 3 March Athens animation marathon, Greece
2019, 27 February Animac, Lleda, Spain
2018, 7 December London International Animation Festival, London, UK
2018, 5 October Semi Finalist ANNY: Animation Nights New York, NY, USA
2018 20 June Edinburgh Internal Film Festival, Edinburgh, UK

2018 October Mubi

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