Neck and Neck wins most original film award

Neck and Neck_003

Neck and Neck directed by Shaun Clark has won the award for most original film at the Horror Hullabaloo film festival. Commissioned by Film London the film explores the relationship between Othello, Desdemona and Iago from Shakespeares Othello.

Thanks to all the crew and funders who worked on the film:-

Producer:                                                     Sue Loughlin

Voice Artist:                                                Melvyn Ternan

Editor:                                                           Michael Ho

Composer:                                                   Alex Harwood

Sound Designer:                                        David Pringle

Soprano:                                                      Lucy Hall

For Film London:                                  Head of Artists’ Moving Image: Maggie Ellis

Senior FLAMIN Manager: Rose Cupit

FLAMIN Project Officer: Marta Michalowska

For King’s College London:

Professor of English and Director of London Shakespeare Centre: Gordon McMullan

Head of Programming, Cultural Institute: Leanne Hammacott

Research Student, Department of English Language & Literature: Sally Barnden

Still Shakespeare is inspired by original research by Sally Barnden

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