Neck and Neck screening on Vimeo on demand

Neck and Neck - Film Poster_LIFT OFF

Neck and Neck will be screening on Vimeo on Demand as part of the online Lift-Off Network Horror Genre Laboratory festival.

The Lift-Off Global Network is an organisation encompassing worldwide live screening events, distribution initiatives, a seasonal awards ceremony, and an ever growing and active Network of indie film creators.

Initially a film festival, Lift-Off has grown into being a huge platform for emerging artists. This includes feature film content, shorts, commercial, music video content, animations and experimental arthouse. Lift-Off also feature a script promotion and exchange platform, along with extensive production initiatives.

Lift-Off Headquarters

Lift-Off Global Network is based at one of the most famous film studios on the planet. The headquarters is situated at Pinewood Studios in the UK, at the heart of the film industry. This gives Lift-Off a unique access to state of the art technologies, industry stakeholders and a great canteen!


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